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Foldable SAKA®, new Footie, and the HitchHikerXF.





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Weaver Leather, Climbing Innovations and Richard Mumford are pleased to announce that the lawsuit is over! Mumford’s SAKA mini-Max has been found not to infringe on any patent of Weaver Leather. It was also found that Mumford’s survey and GoFundMe request for help, posted on at least Treebuzz, Instagram, and Facebook on August 15, 2019 was disparaging against Weaver. Both parties respect and accept the decisions from the court and are grateful to have resolved their issues. Weaver Leather and Climbing Innovations are glad to move forward in serving the marketplace with respect. Weaver Leather, Richard Mumford and Climbing Innovations urge the climbing community to refrain from negative comments or statements directed toward either company.