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HitchHikerXF is now available and at the 2022 TCIA Expo price for a limited number.

The Drum for the Unicender is back in stock, sold separately or fully installed on a brand new Unicender at a very competitive price.

Video overview of the SAKA®, Foldable SAKA® and Footie.

Video of HitchHikerXF and other climbing techniques.

Looking for the new foldable SAKA® or Footie you may have seen or heard about?  They are now available.  Click the green shopping cart below.  

I have added free mail shipping on orders of 100.00 or more, available at checkout (excluding the Unicender)

Note:  Your email (entered at checkout) is used for shipping notifications only!  Your phone # is not used (but required for international shipments) unless a request to call is made.  

Notice to international customers. You must agree to pay all import fees upon arrival to your country or I will not ship your order and issue a full refund. Climbing innovations LLC does not collect taxes or other fees imposed by your country nor do I have separate prices to account for such taxes or the ability to pay them. You can check this link for some estimated charges.

I currently sell to retailers in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Canada.  Those retailers in turn pass the import tax on to their customers.
I  have UPS and USPostal Service as shipping options at my store and collect shipping fees at time of purchase. Once that shipment arrives to your country you may be subject to import fees and will be responsible for payment. If payments are refused, the shipment may be abandoned, and I will not issue a refund.

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