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Technical notice for the Drum kit or lower wear plate designed by Climbing Innovations LLC and used on the Unicender. 

A user in New Zealand has reported an issue with the use of the lower friction plate that comes with the Drum Kit or is sold separately by Climbing Innovations LLC.  It involves the Unicender being locked into the Control Mode descent. If a user inadvertently places the Unicender in this configuration the climber will need to continue the descent to the ground or to a place where the device can be safely unweighted and reconfigured.  The actual descent is unaffected, the climber can control speed and stop the descent at anytime just as one might do if this inadvertent configuration did not occur.

A link to a YouTube video describing this occurrence, how to avoid it and what to do if it happens is listed below.



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If there are questions, please write to richard@climbinginnovations.com



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