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Download the HitchHikerXF Manual Here

The HHxf is a unique device in the world of multicenders (a device that allows movement up, down, and laterally with little to no configuration change).

It is the only device that combines the load bearing anchor point with the required single rope tending point and allows for on-the-fly added friction.

It is mid-line attachable, does not alter the path of the rope, can be attached to a weighted line, is unaffected by the weight of the rope below it and does not require a configuration change or added components when switching from doubled moving rope to a single rope, in other words, it can go from 100% friction (stopped) to nearly 0% friction for ascent without changing the configuration.

It works equally well on a high angle “zip line” as it does on a vertical line. It does not have “big-top” exposure or collapsible components.

It is built with strong solid parts in a low-profile simple design.

Because it is a hybrid device using 360° wraps with a friction hitch, any rope flattening has little effect, making for consistent and predictable performance.

Replacement hitch cord does not require a spliced or sewn termination making replacement inexpensive.

Our friend Robbie Dales doing what he loves.