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SAKA® Questions and Answers

I think the bungee broke on my SAKA and I noticed the plastic next to bolt at the top near the ascender is cracked. (See pictures) I do not want a refund but I am wondering what your policy on defective items are.
Thank you

It appears from your photos that the stopper knot that is next to the washer at the bottom of the Bungee Guide has come undone allowing the bungee to pull out and unravel. I would be happy to send you another length of bungee, until then you should have received a backup section of bungee that is also a little longer for you to use. There are two small washers in that package, be sure that they are used to prevent the bungee from getting pulled into the plastic tubes if excess pressure is applied.

Also that “crack” or split at the top of the bungee guide is part of the S.A.K.A.┬« design. In fact, both of those bolts are not tight and pass through a slot in the Velcro of the Bungee Guide to prevent it from bearing the weight of the climber.

The more recent black bungee is stronger and more responsive than the previous Dyneema style. Unlike the Dyneema, it does not have the ‘hard stop’ yet maintains plenty of strength for normal use. This bungee is designed just for the SAKA and the weave gives it robust stretch, much more than would be needed for a normal stride with an attachment directly below the life support multicender.
So you will notice that if the ends are not melted when cut or if the stopper knot comes off and the melted end is pulled loose, if it is not immediately retied, it can start to unravel.