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Latest rope walking answers and tips.

After 10 years and 3 issued patents for knee ascender I hope my efforts are helpful for other climbers and especially, adds a layer of safety.

00:48 Tree climbers find themselves in situations where their life support systems will be “non-taut”. Other rope disciplines such as rock climbing or industrial access are not effected in the same way. A tree climber typically will walk up a rope, get to a branch and stand on it, walk out on the branch and may do so without every putting tension into the life support system. Lack of tension in the system is almost always the case when rope walking Stationary Rope Technique, so taking special precautions and understanding how to manage it should be taken. Keeping the area above or next to our life support system is important in this regard. The adjustable S.A.K.A is built to keep rope waking below and away from our life support.

02:00 Keeping the area near and above a life support system is important.

02:13 Standing in water? What do you mean, “keep rope walking where rope walking belongs”?

02:36 What is the restriction to the travel up the rope of the foot ascender? The knee ascender? How do we keep all of that below our life support system?

03:55 Do the teeth on the cam need to be so aggressive or sharp? I think they picked my rope.

06:03 How to I remove the cam to avoid picking the rope?

07:02 Can I see a cross section of the ascender to better understand how it works? Why did you make the cam 5mm shorter? How is the ascender more conducive to rope typically used for tree climbing? Will it still engage on very small ropes?

09:07 The new cam dimensions also help if a climbers form is not perfect.

10:52 What is the difference between the S.A.K.A.® and the S.A.K.A.®MINI?

12:12 The knee ascender and foot ascender are not PPE or life support but do provide a valuable backup when rope walking with a ‘non-tensioned’ climbing system SRT.

12:59 I intended to say, ‘think of the knee ascender as ‘unofficial backup’ to our life support.

13:18 Feet travel like pistons, we are not riding a bicycle forward or backwards. The SAKA is extremely responsive as the bungee travels in a straight line with negatable friction. It will keep up with the fastest of legs.

14:12 Take the moment to store it properly.

15:24 Tips to folding the Foldable SAKA.

16:45 Understand that, unlike the foot ascender, the knee ascender must engage on a ‘tensioned’ climbing line.

17:50 The SAKA is totally adjustable when it comes to length, there is no need to choose a size.

19:20 Thanks for watching. www.ClimbingInnovations.com

 Another Video overview

Download the SAKA® Technical Manual Here (PDF)