by Nov 14, 2020

Anthony Buchanan 11/12/2020

Hey bud.. I volunteered at the natural state tcc and 99% of climbers rocked the saka. Just a little motivation for you brother. More people made their own then used something other than the saka. Hope your days awesome bro. Stay safe.

Just got my new saka thanks bro I’m so stoked all they have for us to use at work is haas an i didnt like them this thing is so smooth im in love an thanks again for the amazing product an a super fast delivery I was so happy to see it when I got home yesterday anyway hope you have a great day an safe climbing brother.

Thanks you!! As well I just got done with a test drive on it and its a game changer. So glad I dont have to use the ol haasle anymore!!!



Bhajan D


 I’ve been meaning to write for a while and tell you that I am really enjoying the new HHXF!  I was a bit dubious at first as I tried my usual hitch and found that it pulled the dog-bone at an angle.  But I broke down and learned to tie the hitch the way you shipped it and I really love how smoothly it operates.   


I’m not sure what you did exactly, but the new device runs a lot more smoothly than previous iterations.   It looks like the cheeks of the device are closer together and the cove milled into the interior spine of the device is a better radius to allow more circumferential contact with the rope.  


Most of the climbing I do is simple up and down in tall old growth about 200-265’.   Previously I would use older versions of the HH and even your orange HHX and found that I really needed to add friction for a smooth and safe long decent.  To accomplish this I would put a micro rappelling rack in-line below the HH to relieve some of the wear and heat from the device.  


With the HHXF I discovered that I can simply dial in some extra friction with the threaded plug and things go very smoothly indeed.   


I’ve probably rappelled about 1000 feet on the new device so far and amazingly I see almost no signs of wear on the inside of the body of the HHXF.  I thought for sure that little added friction plug would wear away quickly but it does not.  Is that because you selected some special alloy?  In any case the machining and the metallurgy seem to be fantastic!   


The slick pin keeper also gave me some doubts when I first got it.  It seemed too thin to be durable.  But so far it seems to be super mailable and strong.  That nylon is an amazing material. 


Anyhow, I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all the work you put into this very thoughtful design. 


I do hope that it catches on and people appreciate what a great device it is.   I think part of the reluctance I hear about the HH in general isn’t even about the metal device, it’s more been about the hitch itself.   


I already loved the HH, but the method you show for tying the hitch makes me like it even more.  And the stevedore knot for stopper addresses a common complaint I hear about how it’s hard to take it on and off rope with a tight stopper knot always in the way.  


Anyhow… Bravo Richard!  I really appreciate your many contributions to the advancement of arboreal rope access! 


High regards,


Matthew Adams

Hey man just wanted to say I just got your foldable saka and wanted to let you know I dig it!! I know it’s a simple modification of the regular one but by doing that I’m able to store it on me through the whole climb. I usually ascend up then throw it down to the ground guys because I don’t like wrapping it around my body or hanging off my saddle to get caught up in everything. You make great products and your name carries a certain standard that myself and others in our industry will stand behind. Keep push the envelope and don’t forget to enjoy every min of it. Thanks brother

Clinton from Washington State
writes when ordering his SAKA® Foldable

Thanks guys for creating a awesome product. Had my last saka for 8 years (still have it actually). Just want to upgrade.”  

Thanks Clinton

Shaun Cruse 10/20/2021

Got the the new saka in yesterday. I freaking love it. It stows away so nicely and easy. I also noticed that you changed up the locking mechanism on the gate and made it shorter which makes it easier to open. Thank you so much is actually better than ever. I absolutely cannot stand climbing without my saka❤️‍🔥